HATZIIOAKIMIDIS SA is a prototype family company which constructs machineries for slaughterhouses and food industries since 1983. The company was founded by Mr. Grigorios Hatziioakimidis and at 2012 his children Mrs Makrina Hatziioakimidis (Sales Manager), Mrs Athanasia Hatziioakimidis (Account Manager) and Mrs Dimitra Hatziioakimidis (Mechanical Engineer) undertook the administration of the company. HATZIIOAKIMIDIS SA has built about the 95% of the Greek slaughterhouses while it has expanded its business to Europe, Asia and Africa. Until today had built modern abattoirs in Israel, India, Egypt, Cambodia, Armenia etc.

The company designs, constructs and installs the slaughter equipment for a full equipped slaughterhouses of cattle, camels, sheep & goats and pigs according to European or Halal or Kosher standards.

The years of experience and the excellent knowledge of the know-how of abattoirs are what distinguish the company in the global market. The specialization in the designing and construction of slaughterhouses is because of the methodical and detailed attention to each process. The comparative advantage over competition is the excellent quality of its products at competitive prices.

If companies are their people, then HATZIIOAKIMIDIS SA is a team of qualified mechanical engineers, experienced sales people, creative design team, research and development designers, administrative staff, experienced welders and electricians.




The company is located in Nea Pella, Giannitsa, just 40km close to Thessaloniki, in an area of 6,000 square meters, which are equipped with the latest technology.

The production area includes the stainless steel processing department, the department for the production of the metallic construction, the aluminum processing section and production of special constructions section, the electrical service section, the repair and maintenance service section, as well as two-storeyed warehouse with products and spare parts for immediate use.

Moreover, into the building there is the sector for the smoothing and polishing of the aluminium products.

Also, at a distance of 500 meters by the factory there is the main warehouse of the company, at an area of 600 square meters and at a distance of 10km there is a land and building total dimensions 12.000 square meters for additional operations and services.


Griogorios Hatziioakimidis
President & Manager Director

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Konstantinos Tsichlakidis
General Manager

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Konstantinos Tsichlakidis

Nikos Kastrinidis
Production Manager

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Dimitra Hatziioakimidis
Mechanical Engineer – Technical Manager

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Dimitra Hatziioakimidis


HATZIIOAKIMIDIS SA is certified and by ISO 9001:2008.

All the produced machines by HATZIIOAKIMIDIS SA are according to European Union standards and are CE Certified.

The quality of HATZIIOAKIMIDIS SA is certified and accepted by Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations (

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