• KLK04-1 – Incinerator

    The purpose of this machine

    The Incinerator is used for burning rejected meat, by-products and sub-products of low risk as well as for carcasses.

    Description – Incinerator

    It has two burning chambers: The main burning chamber where the rejected items are burnt and the supplementary burning chamber where is burnt the smoke which is produced in the main chamber. The incinerator is constructed from high quality fireproof certified materials and its temperature can reach 1.000°C without causing high temperature to the outer surface of the machine. The incinerator is harmonized with the European standards of directive 98/37 EC. Simple, safe and fully automated operation. The smokes after the incineration process are odourless and colourless.

    • Strong construction
    • Ability of incineration 320kg/h
    • CE Certification
    • Silent operation
    • Two burning chambers
    • No emissions
    • Record burning temperature

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