Blood coagulator & sterilizator

AKA01 – Blood coagulator & sterilizator



The purpose of this machine

The scope of the Blood coagulator & sterilizator is to sterilize and coagulate the blood after the slaughter process and final to separate the solid that derives after coagulation process. The liquid is water which can goes directly to the wastewater treatment plant, without to aggravate its process.

Description – Blood coagulator & sterilizator

The Blood coagulator & sterilizator is entirely made of stainless steel. The process of sterilization & coagulation is fully automated and takes place in the first part of the machine, which is a stainless steel container designed and constructed with parts of  PN16 safety standards. The total capacity is 2m3 and the pay-load capacity is 1.0m3 . A cycle of sterilization & coagulation process requires 800kg of steam at 6 bar.

During the process of coagulation the maximum pressure in the container is 2.4bars and the temperature is 133oC. The full process lasts 130min. In order to achieve this time, the steam generator must have minimum supply 800kg/h.

Detailed, the process to load the material in the container lasts 15min. The process to increase the pressure to 2,4 bars and the temperature to the 133oC lasts 70min. The process for the sterilization and coagulation lasts 20min and finally the time required for the container’s decompression and steam’s condensation after the decompression lasts 25min. Therefore, for 1000kg blood a full cycle of coagulation lasts 130min and the final product is 100kg solid material, environmentally friendly.

  • Stainless steel constraction
  • CE Certified
  • Fully automated proccess
  • Short payback time

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Steam pipe diameter

1 ¼’’

Air pipe diameter


Blood pipe diameter

1 ½’’

Water pipe diameter


Steam consumption per cycle

600kg / h

Machine capacity

2,0 m3

Blood capacity

1,0 m3

Working temperature

133 οC



Sterilizator capacity

1.000kg/ 2hours


L: 1.384mm, W: 1.384 mm, H: 4,100mm