MG – Electric railway for carcass bleeding & process


The purpose of this machine

The electric conveyor of carcass process is used for the automatic and controlled movement of carcasses during the carcass process.

Description – Electric conveyor of carcass process

The use of automatic railway to the process area offers stable flow of the production without wasting of labour cost, as well as continuous & easy control of the operation. Fully made of stainless steel for a long lasting operation. Its length depends on the required capacity of the slaughter line. The movement is with motor, whose speed is adjustable to speed up or down by the inverter.  

The electric conveyor is constituted by:

  • Motor 
  • Moving gear 
  • Free gear  
  • Chain 
  • Stainless steel guides of the chain 

Some of the Advantages:  

  • Stable flow of producing process  
  • Adjustable speed    
  • Easy & safe handling   
  • Automatic feeding  
  • Entirely automatic operation  
  • Silent operation 

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