MKP01 – Machine for stomach emptying


The Purpose of this machine

The purpose of this procedure is to reduce the volume of the materials that will be send to the rendering plant in order to achieve keep the operational cost of the plant in the lower levels possible. The quality of the procedure depends on the manufacturing details such as the cutting discs, its position, rotation speed, duration and finally the inside area formation.

Stomach emptying Machine Operation description 

In order to achieve the best results the machine cut (mainly lengthways) the intestines and the stomachs with result to empty that is drives to the drainage of the machine. When the machine cuts the intestine and stomachs, it washes the intestines and the stomachs while it sprays water for o short time. The machine’s operation is based on centrifugal force that drives the material to walls while the special perforated plate is rotated. At machine’s walls there are four blades which rotate in reverse and thus cut the intestines and stomachs. The material that is ejected from the stomach is drives to the drainage through the holes that are in the perforated plate. The machine in the end of each cycle makes self-cleaning to keep the internal place clear. A full work cycle lasts approximately 8min and can process 150kg of material.

Stomach emptying Machine Features

This machine is manufactured complete in high quality stainless steel.

  • Elimination of stomacs and intestines contents
  • Reduce volume until 55%
  • Capacity 900kg/h max (weight of material in its first condition)
  • Stomach & Intestine wash
  • Automatic cleaning
  • CE Certification
  • No maintenance cost
  • Silent operation
  • Simple & Easy handling

Technical Data of Stomach Emptying Machine




Total power



380 V

Controller voltage

24 V

Pneumatic piston


Working pressure

4-5 bar

Air consumption

11,01lt/work cycle

Drianage pipe diameter

1 1/4"


4" (Φ114,3 mm)




L.2000mm, W.1300mm, H.1800mm


660 kg