PNB03 – Pneumatic arm for pigs pre-skinning


The purpose of this machine 

Pneumatic arm for pigs pre-skinning purpose is to suspend the pig from the tube rail to the aluminium rail at the position of preskinning.  

Description – Pneumatic arm for pigs pre-skinning

The pneumatic lifter for pigs is made of hot-galvanized steel. Entirely pneumatic operation with no electrical systems. Movement with a pneumatic cylinder, two pulleys and a rope.     

  • Quick elevation
  • CE Certification
  • Smooth operation
  • No maintenance cost
  • Silent operation
  • Large capacity
  • Simple & easy handling

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Pneumatic pistons

1 piece

Air supply diameter


Air pressure

5-6 bar


5 movements/ min

Air consumption

61 lt / move


85 kg