Pneumatic inducer of offal

PNO01 – Pneumatic inducer of offal


The purpose of this machine

The Pneumatic inducer of offal is special designed to convey the offal of the animals, pneumatically via plastic pipes from the slaughter area to the by-products process area.

Description – Pneumatic inducer of offal

It minimizes significantly the labour cost which was needed in order to transfer the offal at the by-products area. Also there is no use of trolley which can cause difficulties at the movement of the slaughterers in the production line. Usually, it is feeded by the conveying belt of offal. The pneumatic inducer has the ability to transfer great amounts of offal to long distances. Simple and easy operation by a controller which is placed on the machine.

  • Eliminate the use of trolleys for offals
  • Easier – Quicker offal conveyance
  • CE Certification
  • No maintenance cost
  • Silent operation
  • Simple & easy handling


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Air supply diameter


Required air pressure

5-6 bar

Operation air pressure

3 bar


Φ=160 mm PVC 10A

Pneumatic valve

D=200 L/W P5