Sterilizer for splitting saw of cattle

APP01 – Sterilizer for splitting saw of cattle


The purpose of this machine

Sterilizer for splitting saw of cattle type APP01 is appropriate designed and constructed for the proper sterilization of the splitting saw which is used at the cattle slaughter line. It is according to hygienic standards which are required to slaughterhouses and meat industries.

Description – Sterilizer for splitting saw of cattle

It has autonomous water heating system at 82°C, with electric resistance and thermostat, in order to retain the temperature steady. When the splitting saw enters into the sterilizer, the sterilization system is activated automatically by spraying hot water. The required time for the proper sterilization is 30sec, which is adjustable by a timer switch. Fully made of stainless steel, with special base to stand the band saw and protective cover for water.

  • Autonomous heating system
  • Quick water heating
  • Sterilization by spray
  • Save energy
  • No maintenance cost
  • CE Certification

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Air supply diameter


Air pressure

5 bar

Air pressure


Water pressure

3 bar

Thermal power

1,5 Kw


220 V


L: 2500mm ,W: 900mm ,H: 4.800mm