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Software and automation are two different yet important factors to a slaughterhouse & any type of food processing unit.

Automation offers incomparable advantages over classic slaughterhouse processes by eliminating human error. At the same time, it speeds up and optimizes processes, resulting in better end-product quality.

For optimum slaughterhouse management, the correct software plays a key role, too: it can improve all processes (whether technical, administrative, or managing), by giving the right information to the right person at the right time.

The abattoir software of HATZIIOAKIMIDIS is scalable and can be adapted from a simple module to a complete slaughterhouse processing solution.

Keep in mind that an automated slaughterhouse is a profitable slaughterhouse.


Device Management & Engineering information module

  • Equipment management, control & monitoring
  • Equipment diagnostics
  • Cooling rooms conditions monitoring
  • Live monitoring dashboards
  • Malfunction prediction and error prevention


By using a centralized management system, engineers will be able to monitor the production machinery 24/7. Moreover, they can control and store machine parameters remotely.


In case of malfunctions, the slaughterhouse software immediately sends a notification via email or SMS.

What’s more, the proper repair instructions regarding the specific malfunction are also delivered to the engineer.

Finally, the software generates reports regarding the overall efficiency of the equipment on a regular basis.


Process & Cost Optimization Module

  • Set and monitor production targets
  • Get notifications when production falls below target
  • Monitor meat quality & performance ratio
  • Analyze meat – byproducts – waste ratio
  • Realize the full potential of your HR and equipment

The process & cost optimization module allows the process manager to set targets, monitor yield by collecting important data in every step and optimize the process by analyzing KPIs. The system can be connected to classification devices and any type of scales. The resolution of yield depends on the number on measuring terminals installed in the process.


Traceability Module

  • Application of any barcode data on the receiving terminal
  • Cloud based software that allows data updates along the process
  • Traceability in any part of the product (main carcass, halves, byproducts)
  • Classification and live update of barcode data in any terminal along the process
  • Automatic distribution according to barcode

The traceability module offers product trace across the complete value chain, from the live animal receiving terminal, to the final consumer station. During production, it optimizes the process by collecting and updating important data.

In case a problem occurs, it enables you to track and isolate the problem from the root, while also encouraging customer confidence by guaranteeing food safety.


Labor & HR Performance Module

  • HR performance monitoring in any position of the production line
  • Stoppage report of the process without any human input
  • Reports for every employee
  • Overall team effectiveness reports
  • Tracking and effectiveness comparison of employees in different positions


With the labor & HR performance module, the HR manager can significantly improve the overall HR effectiveness of a team member or the whole team. More specifically, the abattoir automation system collects data from many points and creates reports with useful insights. Then, the process manager can easily optimize the production process by redesigning it according to the measured data.

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