• Halal killing cage for sheep

    FAB02 – Halal Killing Box of Cattle

    Suitable for halal slaughter. The cattle get into the halal killing box by the behind door. The door closes and automatically the head of the animal is pushed upwards. The box turns 1800 with electronic control and when it is at the right position, the slaughterer cuts the animal’s neck. After slaughtering, the box returns to its first position, the door opens and the animal falls to the special grid in front of the halal killing box. Dip-galvanized or stainless steel construction. Pneumatic or hydraulic operation. The grid for receiving the slaughtered animal is included.

  • PND02 – Limb expander for pigs

    ^BC5977C1C2DB7A05AC8E033AF2B9244C4BED07566610B63E61^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrThe purpose of this machine 

    The limb expander for pigs is used in order to expand the rear legs of the pig at the splitting process.

    Description – Limb expander for pigs

    Easy foundation on the metal construction of the slaughterhouse. Movement with a pneumatic cylinder. It accelerates the time-consuming process of splitting. 

    • Facilitates the process of splitting
    • Better quality results
    • CE Certification
    • No maintenance cost
    • Silent operation
    • Simple & easy handling

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  • Trolley for red offalTrolley for red offal

    KAR02 – Trolley for red offal

    The purpose of this machine

    Trolley for red offal is constructed with the highest standards for slaughterhouses. The trolley is easy of use to transfer the red offal wherever is needed.

    Description – Trolley for red offal

    Strong construction in order to resist heavy materials. It is light enough in order to be used easily, with two stable and two rotating wheels. It has five (5) levels with ten (10) trays, two (2) trays per level. Fully stainless steel construction.

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  • DAY01 – Separator of solid & water materials

    The purpose of this machine

    Separator of solid & water materials is constructed for use in slaughterhouses, meat processing industries, wastewater treatment plants etc. It can separate materials bigger than 0,4mm.

    Description – Separator of solid & water materials

    The main parts of the machine are: its frame, the basin where the liquids are collected and the rotated cylinder which filters the materials. It can separates many different materials. This can be done by changing the rotation speed, the length of the spiral mover inside the filter and the filtering gap. Solid and Water Separator can have automatic or manual washing system by water or steam. Always according to the application and the customer’s request.

    • Stainless steel constraction
    • CE Certified
    • Fully automated proccess

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  • KA0109 – Butcher’s hook

    The purpose of this machine        

    Butcher’s hook is appropriate for use to sheep & goats slaughter lines. Made of special treated, cast aluminium for maximum moisture resistance. 

    Description – Butcher’s hook

    The wheel is made of special galvanized steel, in order to achieve the minimum friction between tubular railway and the wheel. It has bearings of high quality and endurance. The below part of the hook is made by stainless steel, appropriate for food industries. 

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  • FREUND HBK28-06 Circular Horn and Leg Saw

    Small Slaughter-Plant

    Circular-Horn- & Leg-Saw for small and medium throughput plants

    • mechanical motorbrake MMB
    • with 2-Hand-Safety-Switch (Anti-Tie Down)
  • KA0094 – Aluminium 2way branch 90° on right

    The purpose of this machine 

    Aluminium 2way branch 90° on right is appropriate for installation at the aluminum railways of slaughterhouses and meat industries. It is installed at the aerial line wherever the direction should be straight ahead or turn right 90°

    Description – Aluminium 2way branch 90° on right

    It is constituted by brackets made of cast aluminium and specially processed aluminium rail of suitable anodizing. High resistance to vertical loads as well as in adverse conditions of moisture into the slaughterhouse. 

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    Transport Band for Hamburger forming machine LAKIDIS type BR

    Stainless steel transport band specially designed for co-operation with a hamburger forming machine with a product outlet of 400mm.

    The entire construction including the wire belt are completely made from stainless steel. It is based on 4 rigid feet, height adjustable and the speed of the wire belt is controlled from a control box attached on it.

    The 2m version (BR2000) is equipped with 4 side tables that slide on it.

    Table dimensions are 450x350mm

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