High Capacity slaughterhouse in India 120Cattle / hour

ALM Food industries is a Leader company in food products in India which exports meat all over the world. ALM Food Industries choose Hatziioakimidis to bring in life their vision for a new modern and sustainable automated slaughtering procedure.

A halal slaughter house for buffalos with capacity 120 heads per hour.

The slaughtering process is continuously and while the aerial line is in move, simultaneously the slaughterers are doing the bleeding and dressing processes.

The bleeding area is designed in a way in order to leave the carcass 10 minutes after slaughtering before the workers starts the dressing process as it is required according to halal standards.

At the dressing area the equipment area constructed in order to follow the speed of the line. More specifically, the splitting platform and the skinning machine are constructed with inclination in order to worker opposite to the carcass and to achieve the best process.

The speed of the slaughter line is adjustable and there are three different speeds. The customer has the option to choose the speed of the slaughter line according to the workload of every day.

This slaughter house uses the automation and the software of HATZIIOAKIMIDIS in order to receive statistics for the hourly/daily/weekly/monthly process, regarding the performance of the workers and the capacity of the slaughter line. Moreover, they are taking information for the maintenance of the slaughter equipment. This system is followed also from our engineers in order to inform the maintenance engineer of the slaughter house about the actions that he should do for the maintenance and the errors of the machines.

slaughterhouse construction by Hatziioakimidis

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