Pig Cutting - Deboning - Trimming

: pig cutting, deboning and trimming process in a slaughterhouse

Pig Cutting - Deboning - Trimming

After the slaughtering process, cutting, deboning, and trimming are up next.

Usually, the carcasses are transferred to the pre-cooling or cooling rooms, right before the meat is finally packed or moved to the deboning line for further processing.

Hatziioakimidis offers plenty of different processing options that maximize yield and increase meat quality regardless the size of your slaughterhouse.

The traceability system along with our high-end automation makes the deboning process easy, efficient, and fast enough to offer maximum profitability: every cut is barcoded and linked to the primal barcode.

We offer small capacity (2-level) deboning lines which serve workers with meat portions, fully customizable and available for every project target.

Moreover, we design and manufacture sophisticated & automated pig deboning equipment and pig trimming equipment that optimize operations by informing and serving workers the right portions of meat at the right time and instruct them on the specific cut – all from an LCD screen.

Managers also receive daily reporting of all KPIs available in the deboning line to measure performance and quality.

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