• Lifting arm for slaughterhouse

    YDB02 – Lifting arm for slaughterhouse

    The purpose of this machine

    Hydraulic lifting arm for slaughterhouse is appropriate designed for constantly operation in slaughterhouses and meat industries. It is located at the dispatch ramp and the easy use with the ergonomic construction simplify and accelerate the loading and uploading of the meat to the trucks. It minimizes the manual work.

    Description – Lifting arm for slaughterhouse

    The main advantage of the lifting arm is the big rotation until 270Ο and the capability to rise from 1m(min) until 2.5m(max). Fully made of stainless steel. Its operation is electro-hydraulic.

    • Minimize of manual work
    • Simple & easy operation
    • No maintenance cost
    • Quick elevation
    • Silent operation
    • Low voltage controller (24V)
    • CE Certification

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  • SAK02 – Stable lifter for 200lt trolleys

    The purpose of this machine  

    Stable lifter for 200lt trolleys is special designed and constructed for the supply of food processing machines, in order to minimize the manual labour, the minimize of labour cost and the increase of productivity easy and safely. 

    Description – Stable lifter for 200lt trolleys

    Fully harmonized with the European directive on lifting machines, silent operation – smoothly and stable without vibrations and sudden movements of the moving parts of the machine. Completely made of stainless steel, automatic operation and ability of elevation to the desired height.

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