Electric conveyor for pigs pre-skinning

HTP01 – Electric conveyor for pigs pre-skinning

The purpose of this machine  

Electric conveyor for pigs pre-skinning is appropriate designed and constructed for use in slaughterhouses, in order to ensure the right skinning at the belly and the feet of the animal. After the pre-skinning process, the carcass continues to the skinning machine for the fully removal of the skin.

Description – Electric conveyor for pigs pre-skinning

Strong construction, excellent quality and high resistance. It has an automatic incorporated cleaning system during the operation. Simple use and complied with all safety standards according to the directive 98/37 EC of the European Union. Completely made of stainless steel, electric operation and controlled switchboard with low voltage. 

  • Fully stainless steel
  • Automatic cleaning system
  • No maintenance cost
  • Silent operation
  • Low voltage (24V)
  • CECertification

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0,55 KW


380 V

Controller voltage

42 V

Linear speed

Variable with mechanical adjustment


H. 600mm, L. 5300mm, W. 700mm