This model is a very strong machine made completely from stainless steel and is specially designed to process big quantities of products.

It is equipped with a double barrel (chamber) bowl container which can contain up to 1500 litres of product. This bowl container is safely closed with a heavy duty stainless steel cover. A thick rubber band ensures the tight closing between the cover and the bowl container during the vacuum process.

The bowl container embodies two specially designed mixing arms placed in separate levels of the bowl. One of the two mixing arms is also used for the direction of the product towards the exit of the machine. The exit point is a special opening at the front part of the mixing bowl. This exit point is closed at the end of the process cycle with a pneumatic (air operated) door made of special PVC material.

The speed of the mixing operation is easily controlled due to an inverter motor. The complete control of the 1500 liters mixer is achieved by an electronic-digital panel (microprocessor). All mixing programs, opening and closing of the heavy duty cover, opening exit point for the emptying of the final product…..etc are done by using this microprocessor.
LAKIDIS LM-1500L mixer has the ability to mix all products during vacuum when the machine is connected to an appropriate vacuum pump.




Maximum Bowl Capacity

1500 lit

Weight of Machine

3500 Kg


2150 mm

Height with Opened Cover

3700 mm

Length of Machine

2950 mm

Width of Machine

1570 mm

Height of Loader

3000 mm