• Halal killing cage for sheep

    FAA02 – Halal killing cage for sheep

    The purpose of this machine 

    The halal killing cage for sheep is use at the beginning of the sheep slaughter line, for the entrapment of the sheep in order to achieve the easiest and best halal killing process of the animal.  

    Description – Halal killing cage for sheep

    The animal gets into the box and it turns automatically, with the press of the button, max 180o. The head of the animal is exposed to the slaughterer in order to facilitate the slaughter process. The box rotates and the slaughterer cut the animal’s neck. The box returns to its first position, in order to get into it the next animal. 

    • Safe halal killing process 
    • Calm halal killing for the cattle 
    • Ergonomical Design 
    • No maintenance cost
    • CE Certified

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  • HAA02 – Halal slaughter table for sheep & goats (8 pos.)

    The purpose of this machine 

    Halal slaughter table for sheep & goats (8 pos.) is for quick and easy way of halal killing process. 

    Description – Halal slaughter table for sheep & goats (8 pos.)

    Table with four or eight separate positions for sheep & goats. The animals are placed one by one on the table and the slaughterer kills them very quickly. Completely made of stainless steel. Appropriate for medium capacities.

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  • LES01 – Blood collection basin for sheep

    The purpose of this machine 

    The blood collection basin is constructed to collect the blood after the bleeding process while it keeps the area clean. 

    Description – Blood collection basin

    The blood collection basin is connected with the blood main in the slaughterhouse, where there are pumps and a tank for blood collection before the blood goes for coagulation and sterilization. The basin has two siphons. The first is used for the blood drainage and the second for the water drainage during the clearance process.    

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  • MEA01 – Skinning machine for sheep

    The purpose of this machine 

    The skinning machine for sheep & goats is used in order to remove the skin of the sheep & goats without destroying the skin and meat quality.

    Description – Skinning machine for sheep

    Skinning machine for sheep appropriate designed and constructed in order to ensure the full remove of the skin without leaving residues and reserving skin’s high quality. It achieves removal of skin by pulling it off by restraining the sheep and goats vertically. The carcass is suspended on the railway by its rear legs. The chain starts from the drum on the aerial line and turns one round of the down drum. One point of the skin is captivated by the chain of the machine. Since the motor operates, the above drum starts to rotate, the chain is gathered around the above drum and at the minimum time all the skin is removed. During the skinning process, because of the two drums the carcass is 100% in vertical position and it is not able to move. With this way, we avoid breaks at the carcass and the bloody meat. The machine is constituted from the skin removing system which has electric operation. Simple operation & in accordance with all safety standards and in accordance with Derivative 98/37 EU of the European Union. Completely made of stainless steel, electric and pneumatic operation.

    • Excellent meat quality 
    • Excellent skin quality 
    • No maintenance cost  
    • CE Certification 

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  • Puncher for sheepPuncher for sheep

    MPA01 – Puncher for sheep

    The purpose of this machine 

    The puncher for sheep is designed to clean the side flank area of the sheep before the pelt removal.  

    Description – Puncher for sheep

    Made of stainless steel twin roller head with belly bar. Powered by a pneumatic cylinder, hand operated by a trigger valve to actuate the cylinder and water feed to lubricate the head as it punch’s down the flanks. The support frame is fabricated from mild steel box section, with a hot-dip galvanized finish, and the punch arm is supported by an adjustable top section. 

    • No maintenance cost
    • Silent operation
    • Simple & easy use
    • Lowvoltage (24V) 
    • CECertification 

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  • Restrainer for sheep & goats

    RST02 – Restrainer for sheep & goats

    The purpose of this machine

    Restrainer for sheep & goats is located at the beginning of the sheep slaughter line, at the entrance of the sheep & goats into the killing area. It is designed to convey the animal calmly and smoothly to the killing area, with result a very easy killing of the animal. An appropriate and calm killing process provides a meat of excellent quality. 

    Description – Restrainer for sheep & goats

    The restrainer is constituted by two plastic conveyor belts, which retain the animal. During its move, the animal is captivated at the two belts which are installed in V arrangement with its leng to be free. The construction of the machine has no dark points in order to avoid the animals to feel fear.

    • Better meat quality due to the calm stunning
    • Large capacity
    • Stable capacity of the pigslaughter line  
    • No maintenance cost
    • Silent operation
    • CE Certification

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  • STP – Stable Working Platform for sheep

    The stable working platform is designed and constructed with priority to convenience and safety. Possibility to fit on the platform a washbasin or a sterilizer on a special base. It is used in order to adjust slaughter’s height with the suspended rail. Variable dimensions, depends on customer’s desire, where the platform will be installed and the working positions. The main construction remains the same at any dimension. The frame and the protective bar are made of stainless steel and the ground is made of a special no-slide, hot-galvanized rack.


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