Cooperation with FAO for building 5 slaughterhouses in Armenia


Hatziioakimidis have been selected by the Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations to build 5 state of the art slaughterhouses in Armenia. The selection and assignment of the project manufacturing have been done after setting up a worldwide public tender where HATZIIOAKIMIDIS had offered the best proposal for building 5 sustainable slaughterhouses. These five new state-of-the-art slaughterhouses are a tangible sign of Armenia’s improved capacity for safe, hygienic meat processing.

The five new modern slaughterhouses are located in four regions of Armenia: “ZOR” LLC in Mayakovski community and “ARZNI Meat Products” CJSC in Arzni community in Kotayk province, “ARALER TOT” in Zaritap community in Vayots Dzor province, private entrepreneur Khasik Titanyan in Odzun community in Lori province and “AGAT 777” LLC in Vardenut community in Aragatsotn province.


The new facilities were built under an FAO project entitled “Support for Abattoir Development in Armenia” with total donor contribution of US$ 1.62. Activities were carried out by FAO in close cooperation with Armenia’s Ministry of Agriculture and five private partners. The objective is to enable the country’s meat industry – including related public and private institutions – to improve the safety and quality of meat and meat products.

slaughterhouse construction by Hatziioakimidis

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