Hatziioakimidis offers pig slaughter lines and pig abattoir equipment with the highest added value to the end-product while improving quality.

Supported by years of experience and state-of-the-art technology, we have developed practical and efficient ways to handle pig slaughtering regarding both primary and secondary processing, delivering the finest meat quality – no matter the capacity, the final product will always be perfect.

From the moment the animals are received, our systems ensure full traceability and monitoring along the process: all stages are carefully controlled through a data-driven system connected to the pig stunning equipment, the dehiding equipment, the deboning equipment etc., allowing you to oversee animal welfare and system efficiency.

The quality of our pig slaughtering equipment and design ensures optimal uptime, ideal line performance, and minimum maintenance time & cost that fit your production schedule.

Now, the right pig slaughter machine works to your advantage.

Our deep knowledge in hog slaughter helps us design efficient slaughter lines that eliminate human error by utilizing software, automation, and slaughter personnel to ensure flawless results.

Invest in sustainable slaughter lines that respect both the planet and the animals, whether you need to handle 50 or 500 pigs per hour.

Make sure to check out our cattle abattoir equipment or sheep abattoir equipment for further needs.  

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Primary processing is the most important process in pig slaughter line. Our designs ensure that all parts of the process are carefully and thoroughly monitored to eliminate any human error. Our sophisticated slaughtering control system along with our experience create an unbeatable combination for a safe, hygienic, and efficient primary processing.

With our end-to-end software and automation system our secondary processing lines are optimized to achieve maximum yield, by utilizing both HR and raw materials. Increasing food safety and pork quality is a top priority in secondary processing and our advanced products are designed to maximize profitability and deliver the best end product possible. 

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