Sheep & Goats Abattoir Equipment

Hatziioakimidis designs, constructs, and manufactures top-quality and high-capacity sheep & goats abattoir equipment and complete sheep slaughter lines.

Regardless the size of your needs, we can develop the appropriate sheep & goats slaughtering equipment to meet them.

Over the years, we have developed medium and large capacity automatic sheep lines that allow all machines to work in perfect harmony, unleashing the potential of your human resources and equipment and providing high quality end-product.

Sheep Slaughterhouses

Our goal? To deliver a sheep slaughterhouse that maximizes yield and profitability.

No matter the capacity, the final product will always be perfectly precise. We build a simple yet effective goat slaughterhouse, in perfect coordination with our intelligent automation system, enabling our high-end software to ensure:

  • calm livestock handling
  • animal welfare
  • effective and sustainable slaughtering process
  • cost efficiency
  • yield optimization
  • high lamb quality


Sheep abattoir equipment

Sheep abattoir equipment is specialized machinery used in slaughterhouses to humanely and efficiently process sheep for meat production. With our equipment you can ensure that the slaughtering process is safe, sanitary, and adheres to animal welfare guidelines. It's important to note that the selection and use of equipment in sheep slaughterhouses should comply with animal welfare guidelines and local regulations to ensure humane treatment throughout the process. Hatziioakimidis can ensure the proper training of personnel operating the equipment which is essential for the safe and efficient handling of the animals during slaughtering and processing.

In Hatziioakimidis, we make sheep meat processing easy. Are you ready to invest in your new sheep and goat slaughter machine that will change the way you work?


Sheep slaughter lines

Sheep slaughter lines, also known as sheep processing lines, are a series of interconnected workstations and equipment used in slaughterhouses to efficiently process sheep for meat production. These lines are designed to streamline the slaughtering process, ensuring the humane and systematic handling of sheep from the point of arrival to the production of meat products. Throughout the sheep slaughter line, personnel responsible for various tasks are trained to ensure the efficient and humane handling of the animals and the production of safe meat products. Compliance with animal welfare guidelines and local regulations is essential to maintain the welfare of the animals and meet food safety requirements. Proper sanitation and hygiene practices are also crucial to ensure the quality and safety of the meat products produced in the sheep slaughterhouse.

Discover our full range of products, including pig abattoir equipment and cattle abattoir equipment today!

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Hatziioakimidis develops sheep ang goats primary processing systems by having efficiency, speed, and quality in mind. Those three factors are extremely significant and lead to a successful sheep slaughtering line, especially when high quality is of utmost importance. Our equipment is ready to match any country, environment, and slaughtering type – fast and efficiently.

The sheep secondary processes designed by Hatziioakimidis include machines that are easy to operate and maintain, fast enough to offer high capacity and advanced enough to deliver excellent final product quality. Our achievements after years of research and development include advanced yet easy processing stages that deliver the best end-product and maximize profitability. 

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