Kosher - Certified Slaughterhouse

Kosher - Certified Slaughterhouse

Need to build a Kosher slaughterhouse?

Hatziioakimidis is your go-to partner not only for long-term success but for Kosher certification as well.

Our company is built upon respect for religious rules and animal welfare, no matter the type of slaughtering process we will follow.

Our passion leads us to develop high-quality slaughterhouses that bring Kosher meat to a whole new level.

We have built several Kosher-certified slaughterhouses, designing them while working closely with customers and Kosher experts, respecting animal welfare, and strictly following Kosher rules.

Our team never stops developing new ideas when it comes to Kosher slaughtering: we aim to deliver optimal slaughtering efficiency and quality and ensure that the project will be sustainable in the long run.

Zero-waste Kosher slaughterhouses are our top priority. We create sustainable projects that respect our planet and offer high profitability margins to the owners – a win-win situation.

All of our Kosher slaughterhouses are certification-ready upon completion, which means that the project will be approved by the Kosher certification service immediately.

We make Kosher processes easy; our lines are optimized for Kosher inspections without interruptions and the after-treatment line is fully automated. When combined, all these features provide fast, precise, and viable results while delivering exceptional quality.

Want to know more? Our team of experts is always at your disposal for further information.

slaughterhouse construction by Hatziioakimidis

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