Halal - Certified Slaughterhouse

halal certification

Halal - Certified Slaughterhouse

Respect to animal welfare and religious beliefs is the foundation Hatziioakimidis is built upon so that we can provide solutions that meet every requirement.

With this in mind, innovation drives our team to develop advanced and fresh ideas that will bring Halal meat to another level, making the slaughterhouse Halal-approved immediately.

So far, we have built numerous Halal certified slaughterhouses that respect animal welfare and religious laws, strictly following Halal rules.

Our team constantly develops new solutions to combine the Halal way of slaughtering with efficiency in order to deliver unmatched quality and guarantee that the project will remain sustainable for long-term success.

Upon completion, all of our Ηalal projects are ready for immediate Halal certification, which means that the slaughterhouse will be approved by the halal commission immediately.

More specifically, Hatziioakimidis has produced the world’s first fully automated halal slaughtering box.

This masterpiece offers calm animal handling through smooth movement with zero human eye contact. The animal gets into the box automatically and the complete process is performed by our smart system.

The only contact with a human will be when the worker starts the slaughtering procedure, always according to halal standards.

The zero-waste Halal slaughterhouse is a bet we have already won.

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slaughterhouse construction by Hatziioakimidis

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