Meat Rails

Meat  Rails  Systems 

Meat rails or carcass rails also known as overhead rail systems, are a common feature in slaughterhouses and meat processing facilities. They are designed to facilitate the movement and transportation of carcasses or meat products along a suspended rail system, providing a convenient and efficient method for handling and moving meat products within the facility. Meat rails are typically suspended from the ceiling and provide a space-saving and efficient means of handling meat throughout various stages of processing.


Meat Rails Systems Advantages

  • Meat Rail System: Meat rails consist of a network of overhead rails that are typically made of special alloy of aluminum which is durable and resilient. The rails are securely mounted to the ceiling or support structures of the facility, creating a designated path for the meat products to travel.
  • Suspension and Movement: The meat rails provide a suspended platform for the meat products, allowing them to be transported horizontally or vertically within the processing area. The rail system enables easy maneuverability and efficient flow of meat through different processing stages, such as chilling, aging, trimming, or packaging.
  • Flexibility and Customization: Meat rails can be configured to suit the specific layout and requirements of the facility. The rail system can be designed with various curves, switches, or branch lines to accommodate different processing areas or production lines.
  • Hygiene and Cleaning: Meat rails are typically designed to facilitate easy cleaning and sanitation. The materials used for the rails are often resistant to corrosion and can withstand regular cleaning processes to maintain hygienic conditions in the processing facility.
  • Safety Features: Meat rails are equipped with safety features to prevent accidents or product damage. These can include stops, bumpers, or locking mechanisms to ensure that the meat products remain securely attached to the hooks or trolleys during transportation.


Are meat rails essential for a Slaughterhouse?

Meat rails are essential for optimizing workflow, reducing manual handling, and maintaining product integrity in slaughterhouses and meat processing facilities. They contribute to improved efficiency, organization, and hygiene in the movement of meat products throughout the various stages of processing.

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