Incineration Equipment

Hatziioakimidis offers innovating solutions and products, especially designed for the incineration process of your slaughterhouse.

Incinerators are manufactured according to European safety and anti-pollution standards.

The anti-pollution system can be adjusted accordingly in order to match every country’s standards. All available models – no matter their size or type – have 2 burning chambers: one for the processing material and one for the exhaust gases.

Hatziioakimidis also offers advanced incinerator models for pets or any other type of animal with state-of-the-art treatment and filtration systems that cover washing, drying, cooling, and filtering of the gases. Our machinery produces exhaust gases that are environmentally friendly.

Our complete range or incinerators is built with energy efficiency in mind that saves fuel and decreases the total cost of the process.

slaughterhouse construction by Hatziioakimidis

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