IFFA 2022 – World’s Leading Trade Fair and Technology for Meat


Between 14 and 19 of May in Frankfurt, Germany it took place the most known exhibition for meat industry in the world, IFFA. The exhibition was awaited with great anticipation due to the Covid19 restrictions in order for the market to comprehend the consequences of the pandemic. As it is known IFFA is taking place every 3 years, so all the leader companies in industry were present, as Hatziioakimidis S.A.

Hatziioakimidis, in IFFA, presented two types of slaughterhouse machinery, A. the 1st fully automated full stainless steel Halal Box in the world, that can process 60 animals per hour without operator and a B. Blood Coagulator, the best solution for blood treatment offering to the slaughterhouse a permanently solution for blood that is a. Environmentally friendly, b. Sustainable, c. Cost effective.

These 2 types of machines were installed by Hatziioakimidis in slaughterhouse facilities to Israel, Egypt, Oman, Cambodia and Sudan. In Hatziioakimidis exhibition stand took place B2B meetings with business partners and potential partners from all over the world, in particular from mid-eastern Asia and South America countries.



slaughterhouse construction by Hatziioakimidis

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