Slaughter house in Oman

A slaughter house in Oman with capacity 10 Cattle per hour, according to halal standards.

Although that technologically the slaughter house was an easy project, it was the first time that HATZIIOAKIMIDIS had to face the prevention of installing the slaughter equipment. The project should be constructed during the COVID period, when travelling was abandoned. This difficulty was the reason to adjust the construction of the most complexed machines in order to simplify their installation on site be local engineers. Our R&D department in cooperation with our engineers should have to find the best options in order to replace the difficult procedures with simpler for the customer.

Moreover, we used innovative technology in order to provide remote assistance in effective way. By using the AR system, our engineers were connected directly with the local engineers at the project and they were giving directly instructions for the right installation process and the connection of the slaughter equipment with the air, electrical and water supplies.

Despite the difficulty that we had to face, our know how of the slaughter equipment and the strong willingness to provide a successful project were important factors in order to finish the project with success.

slaughterhouse construction by Hatziioakimidis

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