Slaughterhouse in South Africa

A pigs slaughter house with capacity 10 pigs per hour.

The slaughter house should have been designed with the ability to be expanded in the future and the slaughtering capacity to reach the 40 heads of pigs per hour. The leng

th of the slaughter line and the machines which are used, they are suitable for the current and the future capacity. In the future, in order to achieve the capacity of 40 pigs per hour, we will add only some extra working positions.

Also, the process for the skinning of the pigs is the dehairing and scalding process, so the machine which is used for this process, is suitable even for the 40 heads per hour, in order to suit at the future expansion.

What is more, the direction and the location of the building in the land was chosen, by taking into co

nsideration that the cooling rooms will be expanded.  

We are very proud to announce that this project was awarded with the Gold Award for the “High Throughput Red Meat Abattoirs” in South Africa.



slaughterhouse construction by Hatziioakimidis

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