Transport Band for Hamburger forming machine LAKIDIS type BR

    Stainless steel transport band specially designed for co-operation with a hamburger forming machine with a product outlet of 400mm.

    The entire construction including the wire belt are completely made from stainless steel. It is based on 4 rigid feet, height adjustable and the speed of the wire belt is controlled from a control box attached on it.

    The 2m version (BR2000) is equipped with 4 side tables that slide on it.

    Table dimensions are 450x350mm


    Automatic Hamburger Forming Machine LAKIDIS FR200

    Automatic Hamburger Forming Machine for meat and other food products. It is equipped with a 40 lit bowl and a stainless steel conveyor 800mm x 200mm; based on 4 rotating wheels with breaks An inverter provides the ability to control the speed of the hits of the machine. The machine is capable of producing 15-55 hits per minute therefore 2200 hamburgers/hour.

    The geometry of the shapes that the machine forms the meat products into can vary in thickness and weight. The hamburger’s forming plate is made of plastic suitable for food products and its dimensions are 620×150 with a maximum thickness 12 mm.

    With a customised order the machine can be supplied with a special system for soutzoukaki (croquet, chevapsisi, kiofte). Again here the weight and thickness can vary according to the customer’s needs.