TRB02 – Double profile stainless steel railway


The purpose of this machine 

Double profile stainless steel railway aerial line, appropriate for use to slaughter houses and meat industries.

Description – Double profile stainless steel railway

Completely made of anti-corrosion, high quality and resistant materials.

The rail system provides: 

  • Absolute safety in carcasses movement. The hooks cannot fall from the rail.
  • Very high speed handling of carcasses, and minimize of manual strength.
  • Capability of combining rails of different directions and branches, easy handling of the flow of carcasses.
  • Long life, under difficult working conditions, with the minimum damages due to the lack of frictions (without any requirement for the use of lubricants).
  • Easy and excellent cleaning even to the most difficult points. Thus, do not occur outbreaks of microbial infections.

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