Pneumatic lifting platform

PNP01 – Pneumatic lifting platform


^BC5977C1C2DB7A05AC8E033AF2B9244C4BED07566610B63E61^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrThe purpose of this machine

Pneumatic lifting platform or hydraulic operated platforms are appropriate designed and constructed for use in slaughterhouses. They can facilitate and accelerate the slaughter process, especially in cattle’s slaughter line, where the rail is very high and the whole process take place to high levels.  

Description – Pneumatic lifting platform 

Strong construction, excellent quality, high resistance, fully harmonized with European Union standards related to slaughterhouses. Simple use and complied with all safety standards in accordance with the directive 98/37 EC of the European Union. Movement with pressured air or hydraulic and controlled by a foot valve located on the floor. Completely made of stainless steel with skid-proof aluminium floor. The platform has protective rail fence.   

  • Pneumatic or hydraulic operation for high reliability 
  • Quick rising – descent
  • Big capacity
  • Skid-proof floor
  • Protective perimeter rail fence
  • No maintenance cost
  • Silent operation
  • Simple & easy use
  • CE Certification

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Pneumatic pistons

2 pcs

Air consumption

185 lt / lift

Air pressure

5 bar

Air supply diameter


Water supply diameter


Lifting height

1800mm (max)

Lifting speed


Lifting load

150Kg (max)

Machine weight

150 Kg


H. 4180mm, L. 1380mm, W. 1240mm