Slaughterhouse Project in Cambodia

A cattle slaughter house for 25 cattle per hour.

Soma Tradings trusted HATZIIOAKIMIDIS for the construction of a cattle slaughter house which should be constructed on specific standards. This slaughter house is slaughtering only Australian cattle and this means that the whole process should follow the hygienic standards and the animal welfare standards according to the Australian legislation. This was the only way in order to have the permit ion to import and slaughter Australian cattle.

In HATZIIOAKIMIDIS we had to study and learn the requirements according to the Australian rules and to make the required adjustments in order to meet the Australian standards. Although there were not many changes, we should assure that everything was considered from the standards that we had to follow, and the food industry which was designed would beapproved by the Australian authorities.


Except o the slaughtering process, the project includes a deboning line for the process of the meat. A deboning line suitable for the capacity of the slaughter house.

When the installation process finished, we continue with the training of the local staff. A professional slaughterer from HATZIIOAKIMIDIS stayed on site for more than a month in order to train the local staff on slaughtering technics in order to keep the good quality of the meat, or to skin the carcass on the right way in order to avoid damaging the skin. Only when the customer was satisfied with the local staff qualification, our slaughterer left from the project.

slaughterhouse construction by Hatziioakimidis

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