FAB03 – Halal cage for cattle (galvanised)


The purpose of this machine 

The halal cage for cattle (galvanised) is used at the beginning of the beef slaughter line, for the entrapment of the beef in order to achieve the easiest and best halal killing process of the cattle.  

Description – Halal cage for cattle (galvanised)

The cattle gets into the halal killing box by the behind door. The door closes and automatically the head of the animal is pushed upwards. The box turns 90° or 180° with electronic control and when it is at the right position, the slaughterer cuts the animal’s neck.  After slaughtering, the box returns to its first position, the door opens and the animal falls to the special grid in front of the halal killing box. Hot galvanized or stainless steel construction. Pneumatic or hydraulic operation. 

  • Safe halal killing process 
  • Calm halal killing f the cattle 
  • Ergonomical Design 
  • No maintenance cost 
  • CE Certified 

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