Halal killing cage for sheep

FAA02 – Halal killing cage for sheep


The purpose of this machine 

The halal killing cage for sheep is use at the beginning of the sheep slaughter line, for the entrapment of the sheep in order to achieve the easiest and best halal killing process of the animal.  

Description – Halal killing cage for sheep

The animal gets into the box and it turns automatically, with the press of the button, max 180o. The head of the animal is exposed to the slaughterer in order to facilitate the slaughter process. The box rotates and the slaughterer cut the animal’s neck. The box returns to its first position, in order to get into it the next animal. 

  • Safe halal killing process 
  • Calm halal killing for the cattle 
  • Ergonomical Design 
  • No maintenance cost
  • CE Certified

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