Restrainer for sheep & goats

RST02 – Restrainer for sheep & goats


The purpose of this machine

Restrainer for sheep & goats is located at the beginning of the sheep slaughter line, at the entrance of the sheep & goats into the killing area. It is designed to convey the animal calmly and smoothly to the killing area, with result a very easy killing of the animal. An appropriate and calm killing process provides a meat of excellent quality. 

Description – Restrainer for sheep & goats

The restrainer is constituted by two plastic conveyor belts, which retain the animal. During its move, the animal is captivated at the two belts which are installed in V arrangement with its leng to be free. The construction of the machine has no dark points in order to avoid the animals to feel fear.

  • Better meat quality due to the calm stunning
  • Large capacity
  • Stable capacity of the pigslaughter line  
  • No maintenance cost
  • Silent operation
  • CE Certification

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150 pigs/ h, 300 sheep/ h


2 Χ 0,55Kw/ 900 RPM

Max working load

150 Kg max

Machine weight

770 Kg


H. 1510 mm, L. 2480mm, W. 1180mm

Belt speed

12 m / h


380 V